Life in Vermont is….well, amazing! There are so many things about the state that blend together and make it unique. I try to document and appreciate every little moment, which is why I created Amazing Vermont Calendars.

This week I’m celebrating mountains! Here are a few of my favorite shots from a recent excursion (just another day in the life of a Vermont photographer).

How is Vermont so picturesque? It’s... inconceivable!
Delicately iced trees match the snowy mountain ridge. Gorgeous!

Of course, exploring Vermont always means discovering more than you bargain for. In this case, that pleasant surprise was an amazing shot of a barn, almost as white as the mountains beyond it. (Have I mentioned my love of barns?)

Two silvery beauties in the spring light.

…but naturally, there’s plenty of love for those classic reds too!

...Favorite barn color? Don’t make me choose.

Not much beats a Vermont mountainscape. Do you suppose I should start a fan club?