We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again…we can’t get enough barns!

New England happens to be home to some of the most picturesque barns in the country, and Vermont may just have the most picturesque in New England!

There’s another, more unsung hero of the Vermont farm: one that’s too often overlooked. We’re here, we see them, and we love those proud, tall silos!

This silo has a life of its own.

Who could possibly argue with images like these??

The silo is a loud, proud, and classic symbol of agriculture, and of New England in general. Silos almost act as a ‘yin’ to the’ yang’ of their attached barn, bringing a special character and personality to any farm.

Some of our favorite silos have a worn-down or otherwise rustic appearance to them.

A old grey beauty.

Taking photographs of abandoned barns is surprisingly rewarding!

Abandoned, old, and renovated silos never fail to create an interesting scene. These pillars have the allure of an ancient ruin, combined with the charm of a Vermont farm.

Double silos, single silos, they’re all Amazing!

Silos come in so many different varieties: old and new, red and white, brick and metal, and beyond. And each brings with it its own unique personality.

Now, it’s just a matter of getting to know them all!