There’s no hiding it anymore. New life is springing up all around us! (Perhaps that’s why they call it Spring? Hm….more research needed…)

Vermont is filled with so many forms of new life!

From dandelions to baby animals, Vermont is filled with life right now, and there’s no denying it. In Vermont, we’re all about living, and Vermont is a great place to be alive!

What is it about the Vermont air that has that fresh and alive feeling? What is that maple-scented spirit of relaxation and all that is green? We may never know. But we Vermonters know that we love it!

Fresh corn never ceases to amaize me.

These photos are somehow just undeniably, inexplicably… VERMONT! It’s something I can’t explain.

Either way, I’m certainly not complaining about the abundance of lively animal “models” I’ve run into this season.

Sheesh, what a camera hog!
Don’t have a cow...have two cows!

And it wouldn’t be another AVC blog without some lovely barn shots. Here are a few of my personal favorite barn shots, which still capture that relaxed Vermont living.

Even this “lifeless” barn somehow exudes the spirit of living.
Chickens on the move!

Who knows what it is about Vermont that brings this feeling: whether it’s the abundance of farms and livestock or the fresh springtime air.

Well, I’ll leave that to the philosophers. Just leave photographing it to me! 😉