“Cow Chow”. The day was hot, and very still; eerily quiet, other than the chomping sounds of another 20 cows to the left.

When you think of Vermont, you often think of farms, cows, and other livestock. No surprise there! Our state’s reputation for being saturated with picturesque farms is well-earned.

We try to catch the painting-perfect beauty of Vermont pastures.

Vermont farms make great photography subjects, especially when they’re filled with adorable animals, as they tend to be this time of year (hooray!).

It’s a privilege to shoot animals in the springtime. As we’ve mentioned before, the spring fills our green Vermont pastures with new life of all shapes, sizes, and species.

Does a cow wonder whether the grass is greener?

Cows are especially abundant. In fact, Vermont has more dairy cows per person than any other state!

Cows are some of the most famous farm animals here in Vermont. They’re practically an unofficial state mascot. And with good reason! They’re adorable and so full of personality. It’s one thing to see a picture of a cow, but to experience them up close is, well, an experience.

“Lucy”. Cows are fascinating creatures to photograph.

Getting that shot took patience and persistence, but it paid off. I stood at a fenced-in meadow where a herd of cows were happily munching a long distance away. They’re very curious critters and ever-so-slowly grazed while strolling over to check me out.

It took about 20 minutes for this one to build up enough courage to lick my hand… twice! The first pass was a quick flick. The second time, she took my entire hand in her mouth!

A dozen folks have this photograph displayed in their homes. One family saw me a year later to tell me their dog, Lucy, stares at the photograph and barks, barks, barks.

But, naturally, Vermont is full of all kinds of cute animals to photograph. From goats…

This guy really gets my goat.

…to chickens…

Pausing for important pecking.

…to horses!

No holding these horses!

…Enough animals for ya, yet?

Well, stay tuned, because we’re sure to keep on photographing them!!