What’s not to love about springtime in Vermont? Photography-wise, there’s certainly little to complain about this time of year! I personally love how spring light envelops our green Vermont landscape. The shadows add an almost mysterious quality to our soft greenery.

With this set of photos, I was hoping to create some composite cow pictures. I was in search of that striking spring light.

Chasing spring light. I’m always in search of striking light for new VT cow composite images.

When it comes to capturing spring light, there is one subject I especially love to shoot. In photography (as in most things) barns make everything better.

I'm always in search of iconic VT barns bathed in beautiful light.

Trickier still is finding a round barn to photograph in bold lighting. Getting shots of these barns requires a little trip off of the interstate!

Lovely lighting on a round barn in Waitsfield, VT. 

When you travel off the “beaten path” it’s easy to find magic in all kinds of structures. This windmill was a lovely little attraction. I really feel it captures the essence of New England.

What is it about old windmills?

Of course, there’s more to do in a hayfield than shoot pictures and hunt for colorful eggs. Ever ridden 0-60 through one in a 1937 Chevy? I can attest, it’s quite the rush!

1937 Chevy. This lovingly restored "gangsta" beauty was a spring gift.

After experimenting with lighting and settings, there’s only one thing left to shoot for our cow composites… Cows, of course. Lucky for us, not only does April mean that striking sunlight, it also means baby animals.

Momma cow & calf.  These two might be candidates for a new cow composite.
Another momma cow.  Curious, but a bit leery of me.  Her new calf was close by.

Yes! These beautiful cow families made for some amazing shots (with a little help from that lovely spring light!). I couldn’t have asked for better lighting. But rest assured, my hunt for that striking spring light is still far from over!