2022 Featured Artists

Amazing Vermont is lucky to work with an incredible group of Vermont artists from many disciplines. Our 2022 calendars feature artists who work with photography, watercolor, acrylics, oils, and more. See the Who's Who of this year's featured artists, and maybe you'll find a new favorite among them. We sure did (hint: they're all our favorites).

Josh Axelrod

I seek the poetry of our landscape, the imagery I hope to convey. Josh Axelrod trained at Rocky Mountain School of Photography and exhibits nationwide and in galleries throughout Vermont. From the back woods of Vermont, to the western shores of Washington; high in the Andes of Peru and deep into the wild of Alaska, he finds inspiration in what is often overlooked-the simple things that blanket the earth. Josh Axelrod’s collectable photographs are sought out by many and are found in homes and institutions across the country and around the world.

Susan Bull Riley

Susan Bull Riley paints her native Vermont, with subject matter ranging from broad views from the top of the Green Mountains to delicate botanical subjects. She brings close observation to whatever she records, whether in oil, watercolor, or graphite.

Anne Cady

Anne Cady’s distinctive oil paintings are inspired by the Vermont countryside that surrounds her. Her recent travels on the back roads of California and Southern France have begun to influence her newer work. Her paintings are playful and bold, full of vibrant color and spirit. They are held in collections throughout the U.S., Canada, New Zealand and Europe. Before embracing a career as a full-time painter, Anne was an art educator who founded and directed “The Children’s Art School” for many years. Vermont has been Anne’s home for most of her adult life. She is a graduate of Middlebury College, the mother of four children and the proud grandmother of six. Her home is located on a small horse farm in New Haven, Vermont where she lives with her husband.

Ian Clark

Ian Clark is the former Manager of NASA’s Photographic Section at Langley. Ian got his start in 1975 while in high school, shooting for his local newspaper. These days, he shoots for editorial, stock and commercial users from his home in West Newbury, VT.

Todd Cummings

I am an artist and native Vermonter who loves the outdoors and all that it offers the body and soul.  My work is inspired by the limitless natural beauty of my home state. The mountains I hike, lakes and rivers I paddle, and the woods that I explore.  

Erin Daigle

Erin Daigle is an oil painter based in Addison country, Vermont. I paint pet portraits, trucks, and other things people love. I work with professional grade water-soluble oils on canvas. My illustrations are watercolor and ink on cotton cold press watercolor paper.

Follow me: @ErinDaigleArt

Kimberlee Forney

Growing up in northern Vermont, Kimberlee Forney enjoyed creating art at an early age.  She finds her inspiration among the beautiful Vermont landscape, within music, animals, people, and her daily surroundings. She appreciates the healing qualities of art and its communicative and emotive powers.

John David Geery

I live in Clarendon, Vermont, with my wife of 40 years. We have two awesome daughters. We have a great house in a beautiful spot and two dogs. By some crazy miracle, I’ve been able to make a living with my photography since about 1981 when my first daughter was born. Of course, there have been years when making a living was a matter of definition. I have two college degrees, but I got them so long ago, I’m pretty sure they’ve expired. I can’t say I’ve ever used them for gainful employment anyway. I guess it’s true that I first became interested in photography while working on my degree in journalism, so maybe that counts. My all-consuming passion is photography. That and running a business. The really nice thing is that when business is off, I still have photography. In fact, when business is off, I have more time for photography, so there is a bit of a conflict there. Be broke, shoot more: make money, shoot less. Seems backwards. In the category of other activities, I’m into skiing (in a big way), biking, and kayaking. All these activities are not exclusive of photography, as I rarely do any of them without a camera.

Brian Hewitt

A self-taught artist residing in North Bennington, Vermont. Started painting full time in 2011.  Works are mostly Vermont landscapes with vibrant colors with a little twist.

Amy Huntington

Amy Huntington is an author and illustrator living in Williston, Vermont. She makes lots of drawings and writes lots of words. Some turn into picture books, including Monsters Like Us (Beaming Books) and Frankie Gets a Doggie, (Boyds Mills Kane).

Woody Jackson

I discovered the allure and magic of Vermont and agriculture while a student at Middlebury College. The siren call of cows and the farms of the Champlain Valley were irresistible to me, as I also discovered the arts. Now 50 years later I am playing in my studio with paint colors and creating my joyful, colorful images of Vermont. I have been a lucky man.

John Layton

Newbury photographer John Layton continues to embrace “traditional” (film and darkroom) methods. With a long and varied career including as a naturalist/canoe guide, photojournalist working in Ethiopia, patent-holding camera designer/builder, and photographic educator, John is now concentrating on creating award-winning photographs.

Christopher McBride

My firm belief is that knowledge can have an emotional response to beauty. My inspiration guides me to capture moments of natural beauty without alteration. I want you to come directly to the image and be at the image at the moment. The image’s color, light, and composition need to speak first. Then, perhaps you may go to the image location and fill in associations.

Orah Moore

Orah Moore, life-long art and commercial photographer, MA, Cal State Fullerton, CA, owner of Orah Moore Photography since 1977, Haymaker Press, since 1987, publishing her works as cards and books. Studied with Ansel Adams and Ruth Bernhard. Producing and showing in galleries over 40 years.

Claire Payne

Claire's work shows fascination with Vermont culture. Known for portraiture, her style is light and playful. She studied at Swain School of Design and has expressed her passion for creativity ever since. She is currently a full-time commercial artist living in Georgia, VT. 

Lynn D. Pratt

Lynn paints in a photorealistic style which she adopted from her background in architecture and her love for detail. She is an international award-winning artist, demonstrator, juror and watercolor instructor and showcases her work in solo shows and international exhibitions. Lynn has a deep passion for teaching watercolor and finds inspiration from sharing her love of the medium with others through her Patreon online school.

Hannah Sessions

As a farmer in Addison County, Vermont, I live surrounded by my muses—be it the landscape, animals, farms or food, I am constantly moved and inspired by what is around me. I am fascinated by the lay of the land, the way light and human existence create beautiful patterns upon the land, by the bond that we have with our livestock, who are both our friends and our livelihoods. We are all species existing in a place, in a moment in time, and art keeps me grounded and fully aware in the present. My time spent painting is a precious gift. Being a farmer gives me a unique perspective as an artist, almost an “insider’s view” on all things farm, as I live and breathe it every day. When I paint, my life and observations reduce down to a pure essence, and it pours onto the surface. I hope my love for this life comes through in my work and allows the viewer to share a moment of awe in life’s everyday moments.

Marcie Scudder

Marcie’s photographic art reflects her love of the Vermont landscape and farm life. Bold colors and clean lines mix easily with her natural subjects. With an eye for beauty, Marcie aims to capture unique and unexpected moments, giving energy and life to her subject matter. Marcie finds and creates beauty in the unseen in between.

Ceili Seipke

Ceili Seipke is a multidisciplinary artist living in South Burlington, Vermont. She enjoys painting, photo encaustics, and creating imaginative portraits. Ceili is involved in both her local as well as global online art communities. She loves interior design, chocolate, coffee, winter, and her Shiba Inu.

Daryl V. Storrs

By combining drawings, observations, and memories, I seek to capture the natural scenery of Vermont. I paint outside in pastel or hand-print images from multiple hand-cut and overlapping blocks of wood or linoleum.

Ben Thurber

A native Vermonter, Ben Thurber captures Vermont’s rugged beauty in his sketches. After attending seminary in California, he served churches throughout the U.S. and Vermont, he returned to Vermont in 1983 to pursue art and served as president of the Vermont Handcrafters, Inc.

Shanley Triggs

Shanley Triggs creates paintings of her native Vermont in the medium of watercolor. Her intent is to bring joy to others through her art and her teaching of watercolor classes. Miniature framed prints of her work can be found in gift shops throughout Vermont.

Liza Woodruff

Liza Woodruff works as a children’s book author-illustrator, a designer, and a bookseller at the Flying Pig Bookstore. She spends much of her time making art for books or just for fun. She lives with her family in Charlotte, Vermont.

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