Celebrating Vermont Artists & Photographers

In Vermont, artist communities are strong and thriving.

We are proud to showcase an incredible pool of talent with you, month after month, year after year.

All Of Us

Amazing Vermont Calendars feature stunning fine-art paintings, illustrations, and photographs.

All inspired by nature, emotions, spirit, imagination, whimsy, fantasy, and humor.

Our calendars and planners are designed, produced, and printed in Vermont.

Everyone on our team lives and works in Vermont and all services are locally sourced.

"I see the world in frozen moments of time and can recognize places I only saw once or many years ago.

Vermont absolutely dazzles — in its greenery and artistry."

Jonathan Hart, Founder & Publisher

Welcome! From publisher, Jonathan Hart

I’m a semi-retired photographer in love with Vermont. I’m also honored to know and celebrate local artists and fellow photographers. They are as unique as the natural environment where they raise their kids, care for animals, protect the land, and reveal their feelings and emotions through beautiful art and imagery. The forests, meadows and rolling hills of Vermont are home. We warmly welcome you to our villages, general stores, bustling towns, and pastoral settings. Get off the interstate and roam back roads where you’ll find what you’ve imagined... people who embrace the Green Mountain State’s ever-changing colors, critters, weather, and diversity.

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