Many of our clients are curious about how we got our start. Why Amazing VT Calendars now?

My family and I loved the Vermont Life Calendars. Through the years as a professional photographer, I saw my business clients always carrying them. They were a wonderful addition to many homes and purchasing them was a yearly tradition for Americans coast to coast.

Photo credit: VTDigger

A bit of history: Vermont Life calendars was established in the 1960s to help promote the synonymous Vermont Life magazine.  When the magazine went out of print in 2018, it was announced the calendars would no longer be produced. Vermont Life had ended an almost 60 year run of unique photography.

2019 was the last year for Vermont Life calendars, but Vermont’s charm lasts on and on.

The calendars were beautiful high-quality products that families used every year to track their lives. Vermont Life calendars weren’t just a Vermont or New England staple, they were proudly purchased and displayed on mantles across the country.

The images were beautiful and they told a unique story of Vermont through a fitting medium: photography.

When it was announced Vermont Calendars was no more in 2018, many of us really missed them! Store owners and customers alike begrudged their absence. It seemed there was a Vermont-shaped hole on every shelf and in everyone’s heart.

A wall without a Vermont Calendar is just not quite right.

The beauty and love of Vermont was still there, but no one was there to bring it into American homes. Through this vacancy, Amazing Vermont Calendars was born!

At Amazing Vermont Calendars, we’re dedicated to bringing that spark of Vermont back into as many homes as possible. We see an opportunity to showcase what makes Vermont so magical.


We also see an amazing opportunity to share images and artwork from fellow Vermont artists and once again tell the stories of Vermont and share the experience of life here.  In celebration of the people of Vermont, we’re proud to showcase art like the watercolor paintings of Shanley Triggs.

Shanley is a true “raised Vermonter”, having grown up on a dairy farm in Milton.  As a child, she roamed the hills, valleys, and woods surrounding her home. She started painting at 37, and now, over three decades later, is a juried artist-member of Vermont Hand Crafters, Vermont Watercolor Society, Milton Artists Guild and Burlington City Arts.

Fairfax, VT; watercolor by Shanley Triggs

Shanley loves teaching and sharing her joy of painting and the healing power of art.  Her paintings will be featured in 2022 Amazing Vermont Calendars. With artists like her onboard, the future of sharing Vermont art with the world is looking pretty sunny!

Farms, churches, livestock, and everything green… this is what Vermont is made of!

As the years go by Vermont is also a leader in many things….cheese, gin, beer, maple, civil liberties! You name it, we’ve got it all!  And as Vermont continues to set an example in the future, we’ll be there to capture it.

We try to capture Vermont in its purest form, and make its whimsy shine. Join us on the journey of exploring  Vermont!

The beauty is everywhere, we’re just paparazzi!

Vermont Life left behind a tall order: creating quality calendars that showcase everything our little state has to offer. But we’re up to the challenge! 


P.S. Vermont Life will be sorely missed, but we’re sending cheers to Middlebury College, who have archived every issue of Vermont Life magazine to read for free online!