Plan your day the Vermont way

Calendars plan out your entire year — schedule playdates with grandkids, doctor's appointments, dance recitals, soccer practice, and meetings. That's why you should invest in a calendar that's not only functional, but beautiful. Our Amazing Vermont calendars showcase some of Vermont's most well-known artists as well as up-and-coming artists with incredible talent. Browse our calendars below and meet the Vermont artists who have their work displayed in our 2022 Vermont calendar line.

More than just a calendar

In Vermont, it's easy to see why artists are everywhere. The mountains, the rivers, the lakes; the flora and fauna; and the vibrant communities nestled in between it all. So it's no surprise that Amazing Vermont chooses to applaud Vermont by showcasing all the ways that artists celebrate this Green Mountain state.

Why Feature Artists?

Art is everywhere, in many forms. And in such a beautiful state like Vermont, there's so much celebration of art that we just had to be part of it. That's why we choose to feature artists who share the same passion we do, and we want to introduce you to as many as we can.

Meet Our Artists

Capturing Vermont

Capturing Vermont: Flyin' Silo

New England happens to be home to some of the most picturesque barns in the country, and Vermont may just have the most picturesque in New England! There’s another, more unsung hero of the Vermont farm: one that’s too often overlooked. We’re here, we see them, and we love those proud, tall silos!

Capturing Vermont: Waterblogged

When it comes to choosing a photography subject, it can be hard to decide what to go with. Here in Vermont, there are simply too many options to choose from! One subject that produces amazing photographs without fail is our old friend, water.

Capturing Vermont: Our Lovely Livestock

When you think of Vermont, you often think of farms, cows, and other livestock. No surprise there! Our state’s reputation for being saturated with picturesque farms is well-earned.
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